Loyalty Wellness Packages

WHY:  Prevention of disease and early detection of disorders is paramount at Harbourside Animal Hospital.  We take this so serious, that we have designed Loyalty Wellness Packages to ensure that we provide the optimum in your pet’s health.

Loyalty Wellness Packages take into account all the necessary items and recommendations to keep your pet happy and healthy.  We labored for a long time in determining exactly what would go into a package, the package fee and what are the benefits to your pet and you.

WHAT’S INDCLUDED:  All of the routine or core vaccinations are covered in the Wellness Plans.  Vaccinations are very important in allowing us to provide disease protection from deadly infections and those that cause serious disease.

Wellness Lab Testing is performing routine diagnostics such as fecal tests for parasites and blood tests for blood parasites such as heartworms.  But, we don’t stop there.  We also perform Wellness Lab Testing that lets us check for hidden or occult disease.  These would be diseases that your pet may have not symptoms or signs of disorders.  We use Wellness Lab Testing as a “Physical Exam” for the insides.  Depending on the Package that you have, we also test for anemia, infection, bleeding disorders, liver screening, kidney screening, pancreas screening, diabetes, thyroid disorders, urinary disorders, cholesterol and triglycerides, etc.

We also have “add on” provisions to carry the Wellness Plans even further.  Wellness screening Radiographs (X-rays) and screening ECG (EKG) are excellent to look for hidden disorders associated with the heart, lungs, and abdomen.  We also have DNA testing to look for breed predispositions and genetic testing.  And, we have vaccine titers to better determine if your pet even needs a particular vaccine or if past vaccinations are still active.

WHAT’S THE SAVINGS:  When a client signs up for a Loyalty Wellness Package, the fee’s cover the entire year of that pet’s Wellness Care, according to the provisions of the Package.  So, their onetime fee, covers all the necessary items as outlined.  These fees are greatly discounted from the ala cart fees that would normally be applied. This discount is made possible so that we ensure all the proper preventative medical care for that pet at a cost savings to the owner.  Our Packages are discounted by 20-25% over the regular prices.