doTERRA Essential Oils

To Get The Biggest Discount on doTERRA’s Essential Oils

  1. Go to
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  3. Enter Region and Language
  4. Select your Bundled Kit for added savings OR Shop for Individual Products.  If you choose Bundled Kit, continue as below. If you Shop for Individual Products, go to 5b for instructions. SEE STEPS UNDER 11, below.
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  • 5b. Shop Individual Products
  • 6b.  Add the Individual Products you want (+ 35.00 WholeSale fee added automatically)
  • 7b.  After all the Products have been added, go to Shopping Bag
  • 8b. Proceed to Checkout
  • 9b.  Enter Details and Choose WholeSale Customer - as account type (for discounts)
  • 10b.  Enter Shipping Info
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  • 12b. Done (YAY!!)
  • 13b. Go to Facebook and Request to join “Team – There’s An Oil For That” private group"

doTerra Essential Oils and products are natural solutions that support the body of both people and pets.  doTerra’s Essential Oils are all Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils with no additives, artificial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc.  doTerra is Latin meaning “gift of the Earth”.  Essential oils have been in use for thousands of years, but now, we have a product that is so pure and high safety factors.

Dr. Timothy Hodge is a Wellness Advocate with doTerra who uses and recommends these Essential Oils to support all the bodily functions of both people and pets.  As Dr. Hodge likes to say “I’ve Got An Oil for That”.

In addition to Essential Oils, doTerra has oil-infused personal care products, spa products, dietary supplements and healthy living products for the home.

There is so much research on essential oils, but I’m most fascinated by the impact oils have on emotions. As a mother, I love how doTERRA oils help soothe, uplift, and empower my kids and help them to do their best.

-Kristen Cooke