Harbourside Animal Hospital


Tampa Florida Veterinary Hospital
Dedicated to Quality Care

(Located in the Ventana Building at the corner of Channelside Dr. and Kennedy Blvd.)


Welcome to Harbourside Animal Hospital, a veterinary hospital in Tampa, FL that was built with focus on serving the needs of the urban (and suburban) Tampa pet parent. We are a full-service animal hospital, offering experienced care for dogs, cats and pocket pets. Our Tampa veterinary clinic offers a large scope of procedures, including pet vaccinations, routine examinations, spay and neuter procedures, pet dental care, microchip implantation, pet surgery, specialty surgery, specialty internal medicine, and more. We also have onsite pet bathing and pet day boarding facilities for the ease and convenience of area pet owners when you’d like vaccines visits, outpatient visits, or a mere day stay.

Our lead Tampa veterinarian, Dr. Timothy D. Hodge, has been practicing in the Tampa area since 1995. Dr. Hodge is an honored graduate of Mississippi State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. His commitment to high-quality care, dedication to staying current on modern treatments and continued education keep Harbourside Animal Hospital on the cutting edge of veterinary care.

Tampa Veterinary Specialty Services:

Our specialty services also include Echocardiograms, Feeding Tube Placements, and GI consultations, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Internal Organ Biopsies, Joint Aspirations and much more.

Specialty surgery includes repair of Cruciate Rupture, Fracture and Broken Bone Plating, Patella Luxation Repair, surgical treatment of Hip Dysplasia & Elbow Dysplasia, Chest Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery & Wound Repair, Neurological Surgery and Emergency Surgery.

Dental health care is a key component of our veterinary services, as poor dental hygiene negatively impacts overall health. Regular dental exams prevent gum disease and infections that can spread to internal organs through the bloodstream.


Our Acupuncture therapy is performed using Dry Needle Technique, Aqua-Acupuncture and Electrical Acupuncture.  Our Herbal Medications come from Jing Tang Herbal in Ocala, Florida, an FDA accredited facility.  The specific herbal remedies used on based on an individual pet’s pattern of disease and the nature of their own body. 

DayStay Visits:

We gladly provide DayStay Visits where workers in Downtown Tampa can bring their pet to us on the way into work, leave them with us to update any routine or necessary care (vaccines, lab tests, bathing, etc) and then pick them up on their way home from work or at some predetermined time during the day. 

Additional information:

In cases where a specialist is needed, Harbourside Animal Hospital is equipped with a team of specialist partners and your pet never needs to leave our clinic. When a specialist is not in attendance, we utilize internet and telemedicine technologies, that enable us to consult the advice of a specialist immediately, saving both time, money, and patient lives.

Our Tampa veterinary hospital also offers veterinarian supervised pet day boarding and bathing. Pet owners can be confident when day boarding their pet at our facility, as a veterinarian and qualified veterinary personnel are nearby if needed.

At Harbourside Animal Hospital, our clinic involvement in a dog, cat or pocket pet’s life does not end with the appointment. We pride ourselves on our ability to give pet owners the tools and information they need in order to give their companions the gift of a long, healthy life. We can help each owner create a wellness schedule for their pet, including future exams and vaccinations. Care and nutritional consultation is also available for geriatric and pediatric pets.

We are here to answer any questions that pet owners may have! Channelside, Harbour Island, Davis Island, Ybor City, South Tampa, pet owners interested in speaking directly with our Tampa veterinarian or scheduling an appointment with our Tampa veterinary hospital may do so by calling (813) 229-3322.