Pet Surgery in Tampa, FL

Surgery For Pets

Just as humans occasionally require surgery, your pet may have a need, now or in the future, for a surgical procedure. Whether you are considering spaying or neutering your pet or you face a more urgent situation, you should have a skilled Tampa pet surgery resource on hand. Harbourside Animal Hospital can serve as that resource.

Pet surgery may be required for any of several reasons, some of them strictly routine. Spaying and neutering, for instance, is recommended for all young dogs and cats as soon as they reach a safe age. Spayed or neutered pets do not experience the discomfort and behavioral issues associated with sexually active animals, and they also run a reduced risk of certain diseases, including cancer.

Even if a tumor or mass is detected in your pet, surgical intervention can remove the object along with any threat it might pose to your pet’s health. Some pet surgical procedures have a preventative purpose — ear resection, for example, can help a dog afflicted with chronic ear infections, while correcting for brachycephalic syndrome (smush face, narrow nostrils, long soft palate, etc) can help bulldogs breath so much better.

Reconstructive surgery can correct chronic joint pain, ligament damage, or bone problems that cause lameness. In an emergency situation, such as an acute injury or wounds received in a fight, surgery at a veterinary clinic may be necessary to save your pet’s life.

Advanced Techniques at Our Veterinary Clinic

Here at Harbourside Animal Hospital, in Tampa, we have the pet surgery tools, skills and experience to offer your pet high quality care. Our Tampa veterinary clinic employs state-of-the-art techniques to correct your pet’s ailment as quickly and efficiently and possible. We can surgically treat cherry eye, bite wounds, tumors or masses, ear problems, internal and external injuries, organ dysfunction and much more. We also perform routine cat or dog surgery, spaying and neutering procedures. If your pet suffers from lameness or joint problems, we can repair damaged ligaments and joints to restore freedom of motion. We also have Dr. Colby Burns, DACVS-SA, on-call to perform several of the more advanced surgical procedures. With Dr. Burns as an on-call Veterinary Surgeons, we may be able to treat complex issues without needing referrals.

Our team feels that a holistic approach to your pet’s health calls for rehabilitation and supportive therapies along with surgery, and we use several advanced methods as part of our “whole health” methodology.

If you live in South Tampa, Channelside, Water Street, Ybor City, Harbour Island, Davis Island, and surrounding communities and you would like to learn more about our cat or dog surgery, rehabilitation, acupuncture, etc, contact our office today at 813-229-3322.