Laser Therapy – See The Light

Major League Baseball uses it.  The NFL uses it.  The US Olympic Team uses it.  Progressive Cutting Edge Veterinarians use it. What is it?  Laser Therapy, that’s what.  So, let me shed some light on the subject.

Therapeutic Laser is a new innovative method of treatment that has shown to improve a pet’s circulation, reduce pain & inflammation, speed healing, kill infection and much more, in many ways.

Benefits in laser therapy are to speed up healing time by increasing circulation which reduces pain, inflammation and edema or swelling.  Pain is reduced by the laser stimulating an endorphin release (natural pain killers) and radically excites the energy carrier in the cell (The ATP) to heal cells in 1/3 to ½ the time.

“Cold laser therapy” is actually a warm laser that is very soothing to the pet and works to reduce pain and inflammation with each treatment. It feels like a warm massage.  Some pets can benefit greatly after just one session, but for more chronic issues, the best benefits are for cumulative sessions to be done.  Each session reduces the level of inflammation more and more.

Laser therapy may be advised for treatment for such conditions as:

*Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease

*Orthopedic Pain and Trauma

*Pain and Trauma to skin such as Lacerations or Open Wounds

*Otitis Externa (ear infection/inflammation)

*Snake Bite

*Post surgical or Post Dental Treatment

*Swelling and Edema to Limbs

And many more conditions.

In a lot of chronic issues such as arthritis or degenerative joint disease, pets can be weaned down on their medications or even able to come off of their oral medications and maintain their pain control with just a monthly laser session.

Many of the oral medications such as NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) have possible negative side effects to the pet’s kidneys or liver and drug monitoring is required to evaluate their values to see if it is safe to continue on the medication.  Laser therapy can lessen the use of these medications and possible side effects.

With Laser Therapy, there are no negative side effects, so you cannot over treat a pet.

What To Expect During a Laser Consult:

Once the Dr. has diagnosed your pet’s condition and a recommendation for laser therapy is made, it is determined how many treatments are needed.

It may be a package of 3 sessions advised for more “acute” injuries, or for more “chronic” injuries, a package of 6-10 sessions are advised.

For more chronic issues such as arthritis for example, it is advised to do 2-3 sessions the first week, two sessions the second week and then once a week there after until the package is complete. After the first package is completed, then the pet is evaluated to determine how well the pet is doing after the treatments. If pet was previously on medications for arthritis, they are to remain on the medication through the treatments and then the Dr. will determine whether the pet can be weaned down or off any medications.

The goal of laser therapy is to provide pain relief, reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process for a pet with hopefully reducing the amount of medication needed.

Laser Therapy – Science fiction to science fact – all for the benefit of your pet.  So come out of the dark ages and see the light and all that Laser Therapy has to offer.