True or Lie – Indoor Cats are never Exposed to the Outdoors.

This is a lie.

Indoor cats are exposed to the outside all the time. Think about every
open door or window. Think about how many times you may have found a bug or lizard (Florida) in your home. That’s the outside coming indoors. Mosquito’s carry heart worms and cats can easily be exposed. All it takes is one bite. There is no treatment for heart worm disease in cats. Prevention is the key!


People coming and going can bring in pests on themselves or clothing. Potted plants and potting soil can bring parasites into the home. Potting soils may be positive for roundworm eggs, hookworm eggs and toxoplasmosis. Many cats love to get into potted plants to play or dig.
Many cats also have access to screen porches or pool areas. Technically, those are outside spaces as there is even more access to parasites and pets. Cats eat lizards and water bugs, which can carry parasites and infest your cat.


Be sure to protect your indoor cat with monthly heart worm preventative and monthly (or using an every 3 month) flea preventative. Ask us about which preventatives are best for your pet. There are topical options, oral options and/or combinations.
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