Assisi Loop – Targeted Pulsed Electromagentic Therapy

Assisi Loop

Targeted Pulsed Electromagentic Field Therapy (fPEMF)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a means of using electrical currents to heal tissue and improve health.  These fields, when placed near a conductor (such as any portion of a pet’s body) will induce a current flow.  These currents are induced from outside the body, without their needing to be any actual body contact.

These magnetic fields penetrate through fur, bandages, clothing, etc.  It is this induction of electrical currents in the tissue that is the therapeutic effect.  This happens by activation of the Nitrous Oxide (NO) cycle.  Nitrous Oxide is a principle anti-inflammatory molecule.  This is because Nitrous Oxide reduces pain, improves blood flow and reduces edema.  The Nitrous Oxide cycle also increase the production of the cellular energy molecules that drive growth factor production, which then leads to stimulation of new blood vessel growth formation, tissue regeneration and tissue remodeling.  This is the basics of what we call “Healing”.NO cycle.

Our hospital recommends the use of an Assisi Loop. This loop generates the necessary electromagnetic current and applies it in a controlled, pulsed manner.  The Assisi Loop treatment recommendations are to start with a minimum of 3 to 4, 15 minute treatments per day for both acute and chronic disease.  This is generally done for 7-10 days, or until there is healing, improved mobility and less pain.  Then we begin a slow taper down to 1-2 sessions per day for a few weeks, then down to maintenance levels.

The Assisi Loop is used for pain management, Inflammation, post surgical healing, osteoarthritis, wound healing.  The loop can also be used for any inflammatory process in the body such as cancer, cystitis, pancreatitis, ear infections, hot spots, etc.  Contact us to see if an Assisi Loop is a good addition to the treatment plan for your pet. We commonly use the Assisi Loop in combination with our holistic services of Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, Herbal medicine and supplements. We have these loops for purchase and use at home.