What’s There to Howl About?

Siberian Husky dog howling

Howling….why do dogs do it?

We know that howling is a non-specific behavior.  It can occur when a dog is stressed or distressed, territorial, in a situation where there is no way out, or in response to some other stimuli, such as noise, like a siren.

Wolf-like breeds (Huskies, Malamutes, etc) are more like their ancestors who howl to alter an enemy they are ready for a tussle or to help members of their family return safely.  So, this howling can be seen as a warning or as a come home signal.

When howling is a problem, then behavioral training is needed.  Training can help to determine the cause of the howl and the methods to best reduce its occurrence.  Keeping a dog occupied, mind at work and play can help avoid unwanted howling.  Playing music or the TV can help drown out noises that can stimulate howling.  And a dog with plenty of exercise is a tired dog and let likely to howl out of stress or anxiety.